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Payment Methods Available

Updated: May 4, 2023

Direct Control supports BPAY payment processing and generates (CRN) Customer Reference Numbers on your Remittances.

BPAY is an independent billing product which is used to receive payments from clients. BPAY can be set up by your Bank.

Direct CONTROL can facilitate: One BPAY Biller Code for the entire business/practice or alternatively this can be overridden to use a BPAY Biller Code per Entity.

Direct CONTROL can provide invoice layouts which display the BPAY Biller Code and the Direct CONTROL generated Customer Reference Number.

Figure 1 ... Example of a Remittance Advice

Setting Up

In order to begin using your Direct Control BPAY Functionality you must complete a couple of set up steps.

Register for BPAY

Register for BPAY with your Bank. You will need to provide them with the following information about Direct CONTROL.

We use:

  • Luhn Mod 10,

  • 11 digit number + the check digit (12 digit CRN)

They will want a sample invoice. You can use this .... sample invoice layout

Set Up BPAY in Direct CONTROL

Before setting up BPAY you will need to know:

  • If you are setting up BPAY per Entity or for the Business as a whole

  • The Biller Code/s

If you are an exist user of Direct CONTROL, you will need to request new invoice layouts.

Please note: Development of invoices may be charged at $220 per hour, where invoice layouts have previously been approved and now require changes.

  • Business Set Up

To set up BPAY when you have one Biller Code for the whole business/practice go to Utilities – Business Details and in the Field “BillPay Biller Code:“ enter your Biller Code

Figure 2 ... Utilities - Business

Entity Set Up

To set up BPAY when you have one Biller Code for each Entity go to Utilities – Entities and open the Entity form (double click)

  1. Select the required location

  2. Select the Other Tab

  1. In the Field “BPAY Number Override” enter the Entities BPAY Biller Code for the selected location

  2. Save

If the Entity will be billing across multiple locations you will need to enter the Biller Code details per Entity, per Location.

Figure 3 ... Utilities - Entities

Using BPAY

Using BPAY – from the Direct CONTROL end – is as simple as creating an invoice. When an invoice is created Direct CONTROL generates a (CRN) Customer Reference Number

The CRN number has three components (colour coded :)

  • Red - This is the client ID.

  • Green - This is the invoice number,.

    • Note: The 0 before is added in for invoice ID's and Client ID's because in this case they have only 4 digits each - the CRN will allow up to 5 digits for each, as will DC

    • Orange - this is the check digit, generated by DC based on the BPAY rules

Figure 4 ... Remittance showing how CRN is generated

BPay Bookmark for the IFC Template is [INVOICE_BPAY]


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