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End of Day Procedures

Tasks you should complete at the end of each working day:

  • Daily Banking

  • Printout tomorrow's Appointment List

  • Backup

  • Celebrate your achievements

Daily Banking You can generate Bank Deposit Reports from Direct CONTROL to accommodate your banking needs. However, the preferred method is to generate these reports ONLY to check accuracy of data entry and then export your transactions to your Accounting Application and complete the Daily Banking in that Accounting Application.

In Direct CONTROL, select Reports - Bank Deposit Generate Bank Deposit Reports for Payment method EFTPOS and ensure that this agrees with your EFTPOS machine settlement on the day If banking Cash and Cheques, generate a Bank Deposit Report selecting Cash and Cheques Go to Regular Tasks - Export. You can export to one or many accounting files taking note that all transactions are exported successfully. Open the Accounting Application and select Banking - Prepare Bank Deposit

The Prepare Bank Deposit form lists all Receipts that have been allocated to the Undeposited Funds Account. On your selecting Receipts and Recording they are then posted to the Working Cheque Account in readiness for the Bank Reconciliation.

The aim of the game here is to:

settle your EFTPOS and Record for each day settle your Cash and Cheques when you physically take the Cash and Cheques to the Bank settle your Direct Deposits when you know they have been deposited on your Bank Statement (the same applies for PayPal for those who use it) Normally you would do this process each day and therefore not have the range of dates that are in the example below.

Select Receipts by: Payment Method EFTPOS to view only the EFTPOS Transactions

To settle the EFTPOS for 28/08/2007, locate your EFTPOS settlement slip and the attached individual EFTPOS receipts and click in the Deposit column to the right of the transactions if these details are correct. If there are any errors (should have been a different payment type or different date), you can click on the White Arrow to open the transaction and make any changes before recording.

Change the Memo to read EFTPOS Merchant Summary and if processing for a past date, change the Date as well.

When you are sure your Total Deposit Amount is the same as your EFTPOS settlement amount, click on Record and these transactions will have been removed from the Prepare Bank Deposit View to one deposit in the Working Cheque Account for Bank reconciliation.

If necessary, repeat the above steps to settle past EFTPOS.

To settle Cash and Cheques, Select Receipts by: Payment Method: Cash and Cheques.

If all is correct, click on the white arrow at the top of the Deposit column to select all

Click on Print to print the Bank Deposit Slip to take to the Bank. Ensure you have added the bank details (BSB and Account Number) into the Bank Account via Accounts - Edit Bank Account - Bank Details.

Click on Record and these transactions will be removed from the Prepare Bank Deposit View to one deposit in the Working Cheque Account for Bank reconciliation

Print out tomorrow's appointments If, for any reason, you cannot use your computer tomorrow at least you will have in front of you a list of the appointments for the day and know who is coming in. Should people ring for an appointment on the day, you can easily put them in. Should they ring for an appointment in the future, just take their name and number and call them back when the computers are up and running again.

Backup Backing up data is essential. Have your IT people ensure that this is happening for you automatically each evening. Many people today back up to the hard disk in the first instance and then copy this back up to either DVD, Memory Stick or external Hard Drive.

You could also backup to a Notebook to store your backup and to have this notebook setup to mirror your Server so that if you had to you could just point all workstations to it.

Another good method is to use Logmein Backup. Email should you want to know more about this.


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