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Medical Billing Agents

  • Supports all Disciplines, including

    • Allied Health

    • Anaesthetics

    • Assistants at Surgery

    • Day Surgery and Hospital

    • General Practice

    • Pathology Services

    • Diagnostic Imaging Services

    • Medico Legal

    • Obstetric and Gynaecology

    • Plastic and Reconstructive

    • Radiation Oncology

    • Surgeons and Physicians

    • Veterinary

  • Intuitive Online Training that refers to workflow and you can reference with new staff

  • Not just a software programme but a complete Business Management Solution  to include resources and tools to assist you in running your business

    • Office Tutorials

    • MYOB Tutorials

    • Working in the Medical Industry

    • Customer Service

  • The generation of Informed Financial Consent that can convert to an invoice ...  No more duplication of data entry

  • Generates IFC with multiple outcomes

  • Generates IFC after the event for Emergencies

  • Calculates Assistant Billing (Flat and Derived Fees)

  • Fully Functional Appointment Diary that synchronises with Microsoft Outlook and therefore allows for shared calendars and resources. SMS and Call Centre Functionality.

  • Instant fee updates from the web (Medicare, Veterans, Health Funds, Work Cover, Custom Fee Lists)

  • Windows based allowing for multi-tasking ... work on more than one Patient Record at a time

  • Medicare Australia Online Billing and Eligibility Check (Bulk Billing, DVA and Eclipse)

  • Links to MYOB and QuickBooks (and other accounting packages on request) to save duplicating data entry and thus provide instant financial reporting (BAS and P&L).

  • Manages Stock Movement

  • View and Manage Results in Direct CONTROL or Link to other Clinical Applications:

    • Medical Director

    • Best Practice

    • Medical Objects

    • Argos

  • Includes all Health Fund Contact details

  • Customised Forms for Consultations, Procedures and Examinations that capture necessary data, to include images, and report on Clinical Audit

  • Utilises Microsoft Office, Handwriting and Speech Recognition and therefore assists in working toward the 'electronic client record/paperless office'

  • Facilitates Marketing Analysis

  • Windows 10 and Office 2013 compatible (NB: Medicare requires 32 bit applications)

  • Resource Management and Scheduling

Call Direct Control EHR Software Medical Practice Management Solutions Australia

1300 557 550

Email Direct Control EHR Software Medical Practice Management Solutions Australia

Support Hours are 7am - 6pm EST

Monday to Friday

excluding Public Holidays

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