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Direct Control Specifications EHR Software Medical Practice Management Solutions Australia


  • All sites must use SQL 2016 or greater

  • All sites with 5+ simultaneous users to use SQL 2016 standard edition or later

  • Dedicated Server but ‘small business’ can use a Server/Workstation

  • If a Server/Workstation with one user, then minimum of 16GB RAM is required. However, if many workstations connecting to this Server/Workstation, then allow 16GB RAM for the SQL Database PLUS 4GB RAM per user

  • Note: Practices with more than 4 users should consider only using a dedicated server

  • Note: Practices with more than 9 users should consider a business server vs a highly specified personal computer.  These practices should use Microsoft Small Business Server as a minimum. 

  • Min 128GB (recommend a Terabyte) Hard Drive on two drives for backup purposes. Larger practices may consider RAID configuration

  • Windows Server with the SQL Database recommended to have 16GB dedicated RAM available

  • Terminal Server recommended to have minimum of 4GB RAM per user

  • Workstation: 3.6GHz CPU or equivalent and 16GB RAM.

  • Monitor Resolution should be no less than 1920x1080 with 100% scaling

  • For sites wanting to Share Outlook Calendars, Direct CONTROL requires Microsoft Exchange. Can use Microsoft 365

  • Windows 10 with SQL Express or SQL Server Standard (SBS) 2016 or later, larger practices (> 5 users) should consider a proper Microsoft Server Operating system as a minimum.

  • WARNING ... if using SQL Express, ensure your IT is aware of RAM and database size restrictions Download Microsoft® SQL Server® 2019 Express from Official Microsoft Download Center

  • Office 2010 or later to include Microsoft 365

  • MYOB (Preferred) for Windows, Xero (has limitations), Attache

  • Preferably 1Git network capability, 100Mb will suit smaller practices

  • Remote access into network

  • Internet connectivity for server and workstations

  • Windows Server 2016 or later as host

  • Windows server 2016 or later as domain controller and exchange 2010 server or later (Guest  machine in Hyper V)

  • Windows Server 2016 or later as terminal server (Guest machine in Hyper-V)

  • Server Files  Drive:\Data\DirectCONTROLServerFiles. Ensure that this folder and subfolders are Shared for Everyone to access and backed up

  • Client Files  C:\program files\DirectCONTROL

  • Touch screens for onscreen completing of forms

  • DYMO Label Printer

  • Prerequisite Packages (Are included in the DirectCONTROL installer): .NET Framework 4.7.2, SQL CLR TYPES 2012 x86, SQL ServerManagementObjects 2012 x86, Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable x64 

  • DCM recommend Microsoft Defender antivirus software, if running another (Norton, McAfee, Trend) ensure that we are on the White List

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