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Why Direct Control EHR Software Medical Practice Management Solutions Australia

Why Direct CONTROL Medical

Direct CONTROL Medical is an all-inclusive business and clinical patient/hospital information system that saves you time and money through improved workflows. Spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork.

Intuitive software that revolutionises the modern day medical business. Direct CONTROL Medical is the business management and clinical application you have been waiting for, offering both desktop and browser access to your very own dedicated SQL database.

  • Maximise profitability with instant fee updates for all fee schedules keeping old fees for prior billing

  • Instant financial reporting with links to your accounting software including MYOB (preferred), XERO (has limitations you should be aware of as only designed for the very small business), Attache, Technology One and others saving duplication of data entry

  • Fully Functional Appointment Diary that synchronises with Microsoft Outlook and allows for shared calendars and resources. SMS and Call Centre Functionality

  • Effortlessly facilitate marketing analysis and business reporting to keep your finger on the pulse of your business

  • Direct CONTROL Clinical or link to other Clinical Applications of your choice

  • Communication Workflow for document management (SMS, email, scan, import, word templates)

  • High tech features utilising Microsoft Office, Handwriting and Speech Recognition to facilitate the ‘electronic client record/paperless office’

  • Accommodates the needs of all medical disciplines (Allied Health, GP, Surgeons, Physicians, Pathologists, Radiologists, Oncologists, Anaesthetists and Hospitals)

Ideal for both the solo practitioner and multi-disciplinary practice, Direct CONTROL brings it all together into an affordable, easy to use solution.

Select Read more ... to download a flipbook executable file (some sites restrict this) or select Download PDF


Direct CONTROL Medical  (DCM) can be installed on your local computer/s on-premise or hosted with us or another (additional cost)

Pricing is based on the full-time equivalent revenue earner (provider) and not the number of staff, computers or locations.

Below is a summary of features. Not all will be relevant to your needs but we include for your reference, giving you assurance that we know the health industry.

Inclusions …

  • DCM is Multi-Disciplinary and accommodates billing for ALL Medical Disciplines (Allied Health, GP, Specialist, Radiologist, Pathologist, Oncologist, Anaesthetist, Day Surgery/Hospital).

  • All automated Software and fee updates for Medicare, DVA, Health Funds, WorkCover (All States) and AMA as they are due keeping old fees for prior billing

  • Setup your Health Fund or third-party Contracts with ease

  • Manage your Workflow per logon with customisable dashboards

  • Take Client Photo (with their permission)

  • Client Contact Management

  • Track Referrers/Surgeons and report on revenue generated from Referrers/Surgeons

  • Full Appointment History with Audit

  • Add ‘non-billing entities’ at no additional cost. For example: Clinics, Appointments with Nurses, etc and report on revenue generated from each. 

  • Integrate with Outlook to view on your mobile device or use Direct CONNECT Web Service. You have the best of both desktop and browser access.

    • Provider Portal

    • Client Portal

    • On Call App

  • Generate Informed Financial Consent (aka Estimate or Quote) in seconds and convert to invoice

  • Email and SMS from DCM with automated send and receive. SMS is saved to Client Communications automatically. Emails can be dragged and dropped to Client Communications

  • Take Prepayments, generate Invoices and Receipts, Refunds and Write-offs … all fully audited

  • Export directly to your accounting application … Xero (has limitations), MYOB (preferred), others

  • Entities/Locations can have their own Accounting File

  • Includes Medicare Australia Online Functionality for Direct Billing (Bulk Bill, DVA, Health Funds, Patient Claiming, ECLIPSE and In Hospital Claiming) and Verification and Online Eligibility Checks (OEC and ECF). We have our Notice of Integration with the very latest Medicare Client Adaptor.

  • Claims are transmitted directly from the Invoice or can be setup to send overnight.

  • Payment reports can be automated to pull down overnight and Invoices are receipted and the claim completed automatically leaving any Reports Available should there be issue. However, in most instances, you cannot transmit if error

  • Onscreen signing of the DB4 and NPPHC form and others

  • Medicare and EFTPOS Card Reader … additional cost

  • Setup for online EFTPOS payments (no need for the EFTPOS/Tyro machine on desks) … take pre-authorisations

  • Setup BPay for automatic receipting

  • Integrate with for Transport Accident Commission (TAC) and the National Disabilities Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

  • Private, Pensioner/HCC, WorkCover, Medico-Legal and Third Party billing 

  • Clinical Module integrating with SNOMED-CT to bring all detail together or link to other Clinical Programmes of choice (optional)

    • Admissions

    • Allergies

    • Care Plans

    • Clinical Alerts

    • Communications

    • Medications/Vaccinations … MIMS Integration for prescriptions (you need to subscribe)

    • My Health Record (MHR)

    • Observations

    • Progress Notes

    • Reminders/Recalls

    • Requests and Results

  • Referral Management

  • Communications Management

  • IFC Management

  • Own a tablet? Then take advantage of Handwriting Notes

  • Utilise Windows Voice Recognition

  • Secure Messaging with Medical-Objects or Argus CONNECT … additional cost

  • WorkCover SA Work Certificate Transmissions and Victoria TAC Transmissions

  • Send SMS for confirmation of appointments and other messages … additional cost but negotiated to 6 cents per sms

  • Client/Patient Correspondence with Microsoft Office or scan or import directly into the Client/Patient Record. Drag and Drop files.

  • Import Images and view within the Client/Patient Record

  • DCM generates the Statutory Reporting for PHDB, HCP and State Reporting

  • Integrate with the 3M Grouper and 3M Code Finder

  • Financial Reporting at its best with charts and visualisations

  • On-line content to assist with staff training and support

  • Links throughout to relevant web sites

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