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My Health Record (MHR)

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Direct CONTROL has completed the Notice of Connection (NOC) and submitted our Conformance Vendor Declaration. For our clients this means the following clinical documents can be uploaded to My Health Record (MHR)

  • Discharge Summary

  • Electronic Referral

  • Specialist Letter (rename the Report to Referrer template to be Specialist Letter)

  • eHealth Prescription Record

The following can also be viewed in the Clinical Module in the MHR section:

  • Prescription and Dispense View

  • Medicare Overview

  • Observations View

  • Health Check Schedule View

  • Pathology Report View

  • Diagnostic Imaging Report View

The Australian Digital Health Agency provides online training, webinars and other tools to assist in learning more about My Health Record.

  • Find out more about My Health Record in specialist practice

  • Latest statistics on how healthcare providers and consumers are using My Health Record

  • Join a webinar to learn about the core features of My Health Record: My Health Record for specialist practices

  • Register and set up access for My Health Record

  • Free online training modules to learn more about using and accessing My Health Record


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