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Mobility and Remote Access


If you have installed the Direct CONTROL Outlook Addin, you can make Client appointments directly in Outlook or in Direct CONTROL Calendar View that automatically synchronises with Outlook. You can then synchronise your Outlook Calendar with your mobile phone.

iPhone ... How?

Android ... How? ... Check the manual that came with your Smart Phone

Remote Access

There are a number of ways to log on remotely using various devices.

  • Logmein

    • If you have Logmein installed on your computer as we request to give training and support, you too can use this same function to log on when away from your office. Contact and we will set you up as a user of your Logmein Group. Please know that when you log on to your PC with Logmein, you take over the PC should anyone be using it at the time.

    • We can upgrade you to Logmein Pro allowing you to print locally and copy/paste from your office to computer to your current location.

  • TeamViewer ...

  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from a PC to a Server

    • If not obvious, you will find this under Start - Accessories - Remote Desktop Connection

    • Save to your Taskbar for easy access. How?

      • Right-click and select Pin to Taskbar if in Windows 7, or

      • Hold down the right mouse button and drag it to the Taskbar

  • You will need the IP address to the Server or your IT people may give you something like (could have :xxxx at the end as well)

  • You also need your username and password

  • Ensure in settings you have full screen selected


  • iPhones

  • iPads

  • Androids

  • PCs

  • Macs

Please email for more detail about the above


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