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  • Payment Methods Available

    Direct Control supports BPAY payment processing and generates (CRN) Customer Reference Numbers on your Remittances. BPAY is an independent billing product which is used to receive payments from clients. BPAY can be set up by your Bank. Direct CONTROL can facilitate: One BPAY Biller Code for the entire business/practice or alternatively this can be overridden to use a BPAY Biller Code per Entity. Direct CONTROL can provide invoice layouts which display the BPAY Biller Code and the Direct CONTROL generated Customer Reference Number. Figure 1 ... Example of a Remittance Advice Setting Up In order to begin using your Direct Control BPAY Functionality you must complete a couple of set up steps. Register for BPAY Register for BPAY with your Bank. You will need to provide them with the following information about Direct CONTROL. We use: Luhn Mod 10, 11 digit number + the check digit (12 digit CRN) They will want a sample invoice. You can use this .... sample invoice layout Set Up BPAY in Direct CONTROL Before setting up BPAY you will need to know: If you are setting up BPAY per Entity or for the Business as a whole The Biller Code/s If you are an exist user of Direct CONTROL, you will need to request new invoice layouts. Please note: Development of invoices may be charged at $220 per hour, where invoice layouts have previously been approved and now require changes. Business Set Up To set up BPAY when you have one Biller Code for the whole business/practice go to Utilities – Business Details and in the Field “BillPay Biller Code:“ enter your Biller Code Figure 2 ... Utilities - Business Entity Set Up To set up BPAY when you have one Biller Code for each Entity go to Utilities – Entities and open the Entity form (double click) Select the required location Select the Other Tab In the Field “BPAY Number Override” enter the Entities BPAY Biller Code for the selected location Save If the Entity will be billing across multiple locations you will need to enter the Biller Code details per Entity, per Location. Figure 3 ... Utilities - Entities Using BPAY Using BPAY – from the Direct CONTROL end – is as simple as creating an invoice. When an invoice is created Direct CONTROL generates a (CRN) Customer Reference Number The CRN number has three components (colour coded :) Red - This is the client ID. Green - This is the invoice number,. Note: The 0 before is added in for invoice ID's and Client ID's because in this case they have only 4 digits each - the CRN will allow up to 5 digits for each, as will DC Orange - this is the check digit, generated by DC based on the BPAY rules Figure 4 ... Remittance showing how CRN is generated BPay Bookmark for the IFC Template is [INVOICE_BPAY]

  • End of Day Procedures

    Tasks you should complete at the end of each working day: Daily Banking Printout tomorrow's Appointment List Backup Celebrate your achievements Daily Banking You can generate Bank Deposit Reports from Direct CONTROL to accommodate your banking needs. However, the preferred method is to generate these reports ONLY to check accuracy of data entry and then export your transactions to your Accounting Application and complete the Daily Banking in that Accounting Application. In Direct CONTROL, select Reports - Bank Deposit Generate Bank Deposit Reports for Payment method EFTPOS and ensure that this agrees with your EFTPOS machine settlement on the day If banking Cash and Cheques, generate a Bank Deposit Report selecting Cash and Cheques Go to Regular Tasks - Export. You can export to one or many accounting files taking note that all transactions are exported successfully. Open the Accounting Application and select Banking - Prepare Bank Deposit The Prepare Bank Deposit form lists all Receipts that have been allocated to the Undeposited Funds Account. On your selecting Receipts and Recording they are then posted to the Working Cheque Account in readiness for the Bank Reconciliation. The aim of the game here is to: settle your EFTPOS and Record for each day settle your Cash and Cheques when you physically take the Cash and Cheques to the Bank settle your Direct Deposits when you know they have been deposited on your Bank Statement (the same applies for PayPal for those who use it) Normally you would do this process each day and therefore not have the range of dates that are in the example below. Select Receipts by: Payment Method EFTPOS to view only the EFTPOS Transactions To settle the EFTPOS for 28/08/2007, locate your EFTPOS settlement slip and the attached individual EFTPOS receipts and click in the Deposit column to the right of the transactions if these details are correct. If there are any errors (should have been a different payment type or different date), you can click on the White Arrow to open the transaction and make any changes before recording. Change the Memo to read EFTPOS Merchant Summary and if processing for a past date, change the Date as well. When you are sure your Total Deposit Amount is the same as your EFTPOS settlement amount, click on Record and these transactions will have been removed from the Prepare Bank Deposit View to one deposit in the Working Cheque Account for Bank reconciliation. If necessary, repeat the above steps to settle past EFTPOS. To settle Cash and Cheques, Select Receipts by: Payment Method: Cash and Cheques. If all is correct, click on the white arrow at the top of the Deposit column to select all Click on Print to print the Bank Deposit Slip to take to the Bank. Ensure you have added the bank details (BSB and Account Number) into the Bank Account via Accounts - Edit Bank Account - Bank Details. Click on Record and these transactions will be removed from the Prepare Bank Deposit View to one deposit in the Working Cheque Account for Bank reconciliation Print out tomorrow's appointments If, for any reason, you cannot use your computer tomorrow at least you will have in front of you a list of the appointments for the day and know who is coming in. Should people ring for an appointment on the day, you can easily put them in. Should they ring for an appointment in the future, just take their name and number and call them back when the computers are up and running again. Backup Backing up data is essential. Have your IT people ensure that this is happening for you automatically each evening. Many people today back up to the hard disk in the first instance and then copy this back up to either DVD, Memory Stick or external Hard Drive. You could also backup to a Notebook to store your backup and to have this notebook setup to mirror your Server so that if you had to you could just point all workstations to it. Another good method is to use Logmein Backup. Email should you want to know more about this.

  • About Health Funds

    There are over 80 Health Funds in Australia the majority of which are members of the Fund Group Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA). Each Group has various billing rules that need to be followed if the Practitioner has entered into an Agreement with them and some Funds have setup their own Fee Structures and have their own Group. If you need to contact a Fund or to Register with a Fund, you can find a list of them here Other Groups are: BUPA Medibank Private GMHBA HCF NIB St. Lukes HBF ARHG The Australian Regional Health Group (ARHG) have a number of Regional Funds as members. This group does not have a Fee Schedule for Medical Billing. They do, however, enter into Contract fees for Hospital Billing. The majority of Funds also participate in Direct Billing. This is known as ECLIPSE for Medical Billing and In Hospital Claiming (IHC) for Hospital Stays. Stay Up-To-Date Take time to update the Contact Management – Insurers/Companies table. Health Funds are being taken over and merging and it is hard to keep up. On your first installation of Direct CONTROL™ the Insurers/Companies table contains Health Fund detail for you to maintain and ensure the detail is relevant to you. Direct CONTROL™ software updates do not change this table. Go to You also need to know that GU Corporate (ex Grand United) only looks after corporate health funds and they do not ECLIPSE. There are over 300 of these funds and include Boeing Australia, Cadbury Schweppes, Caltex, Caterpillar, FAI, Kraft, Motorola and Rockwell to name a few). Grand United non-corporate funds are now Australian Unity. Better Health no longer exists. Use AHM Not all Health Funds have Agreements with Hospitals. You will find Hospital Agreement details here: Participants IDs Also known as Fund Brand IDs and on the link above they reference ATO IDs that may differ from the Particpant ID. All very confusing and sometimes there is a typo in the documentation provided! Some funds actually have one ID for ECLIPSE and another Statutory Reporting ... just to keep us on our toes. So Direct CONTROL allows for three Fields to store these IDs being: MED for Doctors Medical Billing IHC for Hospital Medial Billing HCP for Hosptial Casemix Reporting

  • Managing Bad Debts

    Bad Debts can be avoided by: Carrying out an Online Eligibility Check (OEC) prior to the procedure Taking the Prepayment for any Out Of Pocket (OOP) from the client before providing the services Full payment if Client has no Private Insurance or no Medicare Number Out-Of-Pocket (OOP) if Fund allows. Ensure that your IFC references that the Client is responsible for full payment of the account to include any other charges should the Fund decline to pay Utilise Direct Billing to Medicare (Bulk Bill) Utilise Direct Billing to Medicare (DVA) Utilise Direct Billing to Health Funds (ECLIPSE) Request for comment on the Invoice that payment is due within 14 days Should you need to send out reminders, this is completed as follows: Patient Accounts that are unpaid in total Go to Reports - Statements (this should be a task for the third week of each month if you follow up accounts monthly or every second week if you follow up accounts fortnightly) For 14 or 30 day accounts ... Select the previous month date range Select Print invoices for Patient Accounts if unpaid in total as they will require this detail for claiming Invoices will print with a 'stronger' comment such as 'This is a friendly reminder that your account is overdue. Please pay immediately' For 30 or 60 day accounts ... Select the month prior to the previous month date range Select Print invoices for Patient Accounts if unpaid in total as they will require this detail for claiming Invoices will print with a 'stronger' comment such as 'Your account is well overdue. If not paid within 7 days, this account will be forwarded to the debt collector' Patient Accounts where the OOP ONLY is outstanding Complete the above steps, however, these can be sent out as Statement and not invoices if you wish. You have the option of printing letters as well with the Statements Third Party Payers Complete the above steps, however, these can be sent out as Statement. You have the option of printing letters as well with the Statements Transactions and Letters ... Please ensure that you have signed off on layouts and informed what 'messages' you want to appear on reminders. This should be completed as part of your setup in the first few weeks of using Direct CONTROL

  • Mobility and Remote Access

    Appointments If you have installed the Direct CONTROL Outlook Addin, you can make Client appointments directly in Outlook or in Direct CONTROL Calendar View that automatically synchronises with Outlook. You can then synchronise your Outlook Calendar with your mobile phone. iPhone ... How? Android ... How? ... Check the manual that came with your Smart Phone Remote Access There are a number of ways to log on remotely using various devices. Logmein If you have Logmein installed on your computer as we request to give training and support, you too can use this same function to log on when away from your office. Contact and we will set you up as a user of your Logmein Group. Please know that when you log on to your PC with Logmein, you take over the PC should anyone be using it at the time. We can upgrade you to Logmein Pro allowing you to print locally and copy/paste from your office to computer to your current location. TeamViewer ... Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from a PC to a Server If not obvious, you will find this under Start - Accessories - Remote Desktop Connection Save to your Taskbar for easy access. How? Right-click and select Pin to Taskbar if in Windows 7, or Hold down the right mouse button and drag it to the Taskbar You will need the IP address to the Server or your IT people may give you something like (could have :xxxx at the end as well) You also need your username and password Ensure in settings you have full screen selected Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from a MAC to a Server ... Concurrent Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to Windows 7 or Vista ... Virtual Private Network (VPN) ... talk to your IT people iTap RDP if accessing from an iPad or iPhone. Download this from the App store and setup with IP address, username and password Devices iPhones iPads Androids PCs Macs Please email for more detail about the above

  • XERO

    Want to integrate with Xero? Well you can! However, take care and consider the limitations: 1. System limitations to 2000 bank transactions per month and 1000 invoices per month (more detail here), and 2. No Prepare Bank Deposit section Email for more detail

  • Cloud Options

    Affordable pricing for a cloud based solution to include Windows Server and Office 365, Remote Scanning and Managed Services. Email if you want to know more.

  • Feeling Swamped?

    Let us put you in touch with people who can assist you with any aspect of your Private Practice no matter your Medical Discipline ... Aged Care Allied Health General Practice Surgeons and Physicians Assistants in Surgery Anaesthetists Pathologists Radiologists Oncologists Hospitals

  • Sponsorships and Conferences 2019

    AUSCRS - 17 to 20 July 2019 - Queenstown NZ FGPC - 28 to 30 June 2019 Fiji Medical Associations 61st Annual Scientific Conference - 6 to 9 September - The Pearl Resort, Pacific Harbour Industry Sponsor DHA - 11 to 13 September 2019 - Adelaide

  • Card Reader

    Eliminate more data entry by using a Card Reader to swipe Medicare Cards and Credit or Debit Cards. USB plug and play. Cost $250 plus postage. Email to order

  • My Health Record (MHR)

    Direct CONTROL has completed the Notice of Connection (NOC) and submitted our Conformance Vendor Declaration. For our clients this means the following clinical documents can be uploaded to My Health Record (MHR) Discharge Summary Electronic Referral Specialist Letter (rename the Report to Referrer template to be Specialist Letter) eHealth Prescription Record The following can also be viewed in the Clinical Module in the MHR section: Prescription and Dispense View Medicare Overview Observations View Health Check Schedule View Pathology Report View Diagnostic Imaging Report View The Australian Digital Health Agency provides online training, webinars and other tools to assist in learning more about My Health Record. Find out more about My Health Record in specialist practice Latest statistics on how healthcare providers and consumers are using My Health Record Join a webinar to learn about the core features of My Health Record: My Health Record for specialist practices Register and set up access for My Health Record Free online training modules to learn more about using and accessing My Health Record

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